Loathe Thy Neighbor is LIVE!

TEASER: “I’m sorry, were you saying something, River?” Like they’re hooked up to his voice, they tighten even more, and I clutch my notebook like it’s my lifeline, covering the evidence. Big mistake because the friction is apparently just what I need, and I nearly let out a moan. Holy hell am I sex-deprived, getting turned on by a fucking …

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Loathe Thy Neighbor Cover Reveal!

The wait is finally over! The cover for LOATHE THY NEIGHBOR is here and I am OBSESSED with it! That kiss mark. The border. IT. IS. FANTASTIC! SYNOPSIS:Don’t fall for your enemy…especially when he’s your new roommate. Dean Evans is the worst.Not only does the devil in disguise steal my pie on a regular basis, he also lives in the …

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