Hi, I’m Teagan!

I write steamy romantic comedies with lots of sarcasm and a side of heart. I love pizza, hockey, and romance novels, though not in that order. When not writing, you can find me watching entirely too many hours of SupernaturalOne Tree Hill, or New Girl. I’m mildly obsessed with Halloween and prefer cooler weather. I married my high school sweetheart, and we currently live in the PNW.

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Fun facts…

  • The first book I completed was the first book I published. I have many unfinished other books, though.
  • I always wanted to be a writer, but I wanted to write about music.
  • I don’t snack as I write unless I’m under a BIG deadline. Then I like to have suckers, usually to help keep me awake.
  • I can listen to music as I write, but it’s not a necessity. Sometimes I prefer silence. I also love to listen to hockey play-by-plays.
  • I am a HUGE hockey fan! My favorite team is the St. Louis Blues, and I’ve traveled thousands of miles just to catch their games in STL before. I also follow the NHL as a whole, and my other favorite teams include Minnesota Wild, Seattle Kraken, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Vancouver Canucks.
  • I wrote at least half of my backlist at Starbucks.
  • I’m originally from Missouri and have lived in North Carolina and South Carolina. I currently live in Washington.
  • My husband is a Marine veteran. He was also in the Army National Guard.
  • Though I love to write them, I don’t usually read romcoms. I prefer to read books with lots of angst, but I don’t write a lot of angst.
  • I LOVE to unwind at night with TV (when it’s not hockey season). Some of my favorite shows include Supernatural, One Tree Hill, New Girl, Bob’s Burgers, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Vampire Diaries, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Letterkenny, Gilmore Girls, Parks and Recreation, A Million Little Things, and The Mindy Project. I am usually wildly behind on television.


Teagan Hunter is represented by Aimee Ashcraft of Brower Literary & Management.

All subsidiary and foreign rights inquiries can be directed to Aimee Ashcraft.

All PR related inquiries can be directed to Nina at Valentine PR.

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