Author Resources

I have compiled a list of resources I think are helpful to newbies and long-time authors alike.



Courtney writes under the names Lyra Parish and is one half of the Kennedy Fox writing duo (a USA TODAY bestselling duo at that!).

Courtney’s videos are informative, real, and inspiring. She has so many great videos with lots of helpful info. Plus, she hosts Live Writing Sprints that have helped MANY authors crank out all the words.

I highly recommend joining her Facebook Group, Write 10k in a Day – Challenge Group, where you’ll find loads of author buddies who will help challenge each other to write.


Alessandra Torre is a New York Times bestselling author, has had a book made into a movie, and hosts a yearly conference (Inkers Con) to help authors of any status.

Alessandra’s website is an easy-to-use, informative website that has valuable links and posts for new and established authors.

Make sure to join the Facebook Group Alessandra Torre Inkers, where you’ll find even more useful informationโ€”and maybe make a few author friends!



I’ve worked with a few editors & proofreaders over the years, and I ADORE all of these editors and trust them explicitly.

Editing by C. Marie
Judy’s Proofreading
Deaton Author Services
Julia Griffis


Working with Valentine PR has been a game-changer for me. I feel seen and heard, and I feel like even though I am a little fish in a big pond, I matter to them.

If full-time PR isn’t in your budget (totally understandable), Valentine partners with Grey’s Promotions.


Before I began writing, I was a cover artist, so I’m fortunate enough to make my own covers most of the time. However, I have worked with some designers & photographers over the years that I recommend.

Najla Qamber Designs
Regina Wamba
The Image Apothecary
Lindee Robinson Photography
Emily Wittig Designs



This easy-to-use extension allows you to block websites so you don’t get distracted. My favorite feature is “Work Mode,” which I use to do my sprints and stay focused.


This is hands down the best tool I use for focusing. There is lots of fancy science behind it that I don’t really understand, but I know for certain that it helps me focus whenever I need to hunker down and hit my goals.

You can try the Pro version for just $1!


This program is a game-changer! It blocks your computer except for the program, allowing you to ONLY focus on writing. My productivity has sky-rocketed with this. I have no idea how I got stuff done before.

(There is an option to NOT lock your computer, too, for those who research as they write.)


The Forest App is an incentive-based app that focuses on getting you (and keeping you) off your phone while writing. You collect coins for each session, then you use them to buy pretty trees that you then plant and grow while you write! There are all kinds of settings, like Deep Focus Mode, that will kill your trees if you play with your phone, forcing you to focus. And you can write and grow with friends too!

If you use the code 555FZ8VSG to sign up, you’ll get some coins to buy some new trees right away.



This website offers stock images that are affordable and fresh. They have a wide variety (sometimes stuff you can never unsee) and regularly have some great sales. I use this for teasers and promo images for every release.


Need a graphic? A font? A template? A stock photo?

Creative Market is affordable, and you can find so many hidden gems on their site.


I use this each week to schedule my social media posts on Instagram and Facebook. It’s so easy to use, and it makes it really simple to reuse old posts with their evergreen function. They have categories to make finding posts easy as well. It makes social media easier for me.

Use my link for an extended trial (30 days instead of 14) and see the difference for yourself!


This drag-and-drop graphics creator is a life-saver!

Before I started writing, I was a cover designer for many years and designed nearly 500 covers. I am very efficient in Photoshop, so when I say this tool is amazing, I mean it!

Don’t walk…RUN to this tool! It’s free, but I personally believe that paying a subscription is 100% worth the price and then some.

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