Short answer: I’m not sure.

Long answer: He’s not talking to me, and I don’t want to push him before he’s ready. His story is long and rough, and I don’t want to half-ass it in any way. When (or if) he’s ready, he’ll talk and I’ll gladly write his story. Until then, I’m going to continue focusing on my romcoms.

Maybe! I never say never.

LET’S GET TEXTUAL! It was such a fun departure from what I was writing before and there were ZERO expectations with it. It came straight from the heart. Plus Zach makes me swoon.

I wish! I’d go in a heartbeat!

Weren’t they gorgeous?! In short, they just didn’t fit my romcom brand and that wasn’t fair to new readers just discovering me. The couple covers led to more of a contemporary feel, when I was going for L-O-L romcoms.

Unfortunately, no. Those were custom photoshoots and as you can imagine, anything custom is very expensive. I just can’t justify the cost. I’m sorry! But if you do have a couple cover, at least you have a unicorn!

I always recommend starting with Let’s Get Textual. Not only is that book HILARIOUS, but it gives you a really good idea of my writing style and sense of humor.

Unfortunately, my audio didn’t sell well and the publisher decided not to pick up the rest of the series. I’m currently looking into self-producing and publishing the rest of the series. I’ll be sure to post updates as soon as I have them.

I envision each of my couples to be happy and in love for the rest of their lives. If someone starts yelling at me to write more, I happily will, but until then, what I currently have available for each couple is the end of their story on paper.

He’s like the dad I never had and always wanted. It would be REALLY weird to write about him in any sexual relationship. So, while I never say never, likely no.

Come on… do you really think I’d leave him out? His book, SCORING CHANCE, is available now!

Yes! The entire series will have special edition paperbacks!


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