What SPN Means to Me

I think by now the entire world knows how obsessed I am with Supernatural (SPN). I post about it often, have a SPN phone case, wear my SPN pajamas as often as possible, and I devour at least an episode a day…no joke!

If you’ve never watched the show I’m certain you’re thinking… But why?

Easy. To me, it’s not just a television show filled with ghosts and ghouls and hunting. It’s a show about family and what that entails. In fact, one of my favorite quotes from the show is from episode 3×16, “Family don’t end with blood.” Then later there’s a quote from episode 10×17 that says, “A wise man once told me, ‘family don’t end in blood.’ But it doesn’t start there either.

Family. SPN is about family. It’s about that bond you create with people, the one you make that’s so strong you consider yourselves family. It’s about having someone’s back no matter what. And since I just finished Season 11 last night, I stick by that more than ever. I can watch this show daily (and I do) because of those sometimes too dependent relationships, but mostly because even if it seems borderline unhealthy in the way the Winchesters are always there to save one another, it still hits you right in the feels. They’ll do anything for their family. And they have, multiple times. I guess that’s why the show’s fandom is called the #SPNFamily.

But it’s not all about family and feeling your heart constrict every time that single tear streaks down Dean’s face. Or when Sammy’s nose starts to flare and you know he’s trying everything he can to hold back his tears. No, it’s a show with humor, horror, and true emotions. It’ll make you question things you’ve always (or never) believed in. It’ll make you want to reach out and hug your sibling a little tighter. You’ll root for the bad guys and the good guys. Hell, you’ll probably tear up every single time you hear Kansas on the radio because you want those boys to have peace when they are done. And by the end of Season 5, you’ll come to realize that family doesn’t always end in blood, but it doesn’t start there either.

It’s a show that’s consumed me and breached my life in so many ways. And I don’t regret it one damn bit.

💙 TH

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