Sin Bin – Bonus Scene


If you had told me I’d be waking up to the sounds of farm animals doing it, I’d have laughed right in your face because I would never be caught dead on a farm.

Except that’s where I am right.

It’s where I’ve been for the last three days.

Smith took me on the trip I’d been dreaming about to celebrate our first anniversary. We’ve trekked all the places I’ve always wanted to visit—Barcelona, Rome, Greece, Amsterdam, London, Glasgow…all over. It’s been incredible. Not just to travel but to get away from work, too. Tori wasn’t kidding about how demanding the director job is, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love it so much.

I roll over, unsurprised to find Smith sitting in bed with his phone, likely working, as he squints at the screen. We’ve been arguing about how he needs to get his eyes checked, but he refuses because “the glasses will make me look old,” according to him.

He grins down at me, setting his phone on his chest. “Mornin’, sweetheart.”

My whole body warms at his words. I swear I’ll never grow tired of hearing his voice first thing in the morning.

“Good morning,” I practically sigh as his fingers find my hair like usual.

“I’m about seventy-five percent certain those barn animals are having sex.”

“Only seventy-five percent?” I ask, brow raised. “I’d say more like ninety-six percent.”

His lips twitch, likely at the specific number I throw out there. “They’re just trying to compete with you, you know.”


“For loudest scream.”

Heat flashes over my cheeks. “And who is to blame for that?”

“Me.” He grins, obviously very proud of himself…as he should be.

We’ve been inside this little cottage for three days and have only left the bed for food and bathroom breaks. We’ve not worn clothes since we walked in the door.

As much as I’ve loved our vacation, these last three days curled up in bed together have been my favorite part of it.

Being with Smith over the last year…it’s been unbelievably amazing—more than I could have ever hoped for. And I don’t just mean because of the countless orgasms.

He’s kind and patient. He’s just as passionate about coaching as he was about playing.

But more than that…he’s completely and utterly in love with me.

I know this because he shows it to me every day.

It’s the small things. The fact that since the morning I moved in with him three months ago, he always has my coffee ready for me before I even make it out of bed. It’s the way he’s always letting me pick the movie we watch. Ordering my favorite dessert and acting like it’s his favorite too. All these little things add up, and that’s how I know he loves me.

His phone buzzes, and he snatches it up. His eyebrows lift, and the corners of his mouth twitch. Then, he calmly lays the phone back on his chest.

The whole thing is strange, and I can’t fight the urge to ask what’s going on.

“Everything okay?”

“Fine. It was your uncle.”

His words have me on high alert.

“What’s wrong?” I shove up until I’m sitting next to him, not caring that the blanket is now around my waist and my breasts are on display. My heart’s hammering in my chest, worry clawing up my throat. “Is everything okay?”

“Hey, hey,” Smith says soothingly, cupping my cheek and stroking his thumb along my freckles. “It’s okay. He’s fine. Everything is fine.”

My shoulders sink with relief. “Oh, thank gosh.”

He smiles softly, plucking my bottom lip from between my teeth. I didn’t even realize I’d started chewing on it.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay. It’s just…it’s like 5 AM in North Carolina. What could you possibly be talking to him about at this hour? Work?”

“No. I was just asking permission to marry you.”

I nod. “Oh, okay. That’s…” My words trail off as what he said oh-so-casually sinks in. “You…what?”

He chuckles deeply. “I asked him if he would be good if I proposed.”

My mouth drops open because, yes, he did just say what I think he did.

“You… What… I…”

I don’t know what to say, so Smith says everything for me.

“Because that’s what I want, Emilia. To marry you, I mean. I want to see my ring looped around your finger. I want everyone else to see it, too. I want them to know you’re mine.” He moves his free hand to my stomach, his eyes darkening as he spreads his fingers over, staring at my belly with wonder and something I can’t quite place my finger on. “And fuck. I’ve never wanted this before, but I want so damn badly to watch you grow my child inside you.” He peeks back up at me. “If you want that too, of course.”

My mouth is still hanging open, surprised at everything he’s saying.

Surprised at how damn bad I want that too.

In my three years with my ex, I never yearned for him like I do Smith. I’ve never wanted him to possess me like Smith is so intent on doing. I never wanted everything with him.

But with Smith…I want all of that and more.

He moves his hand from my belly, sliding his fingers into my hair and tugging me closer. His golden-brown eyes, which I love so much, bore into me.

“I want you, Emilia. Every part of you. For life.”

I swallow the lump that’s lodged in my throat, then nod. “I want that too.”

A slow grin stretches across his lips. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Another nod. “So much, Smith. I love you.”

“Then marry me, Emilia. Let me wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life, maybe even the next. Let me love you like you deserve to be loved.”

“Yes! Yes, yes, ye—”

I don’t get the final yes out.

I can’t because Smith crashes his lips to mine, and I swear I can feel the kiss down to my toes.

We’re both smiling like loons when we finally come for air.

And I know then that no matter what life throws at us, Smith will choose me…and I’ll choose him, too.

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