Scoring Chance – Bonus Scene


The following bonus scene is NSFW.


I can say without a doubt that I have never been happier in my life.

It doesn’t matter that I haven’t talked to my parents in six months since I finally got the courage to tell them to butt out of my life. It doesn’t matter that I broke my wrist and had to miss eight weeks last season. And I don’t even care that we didn’t make it to the Final.

Nothing can get better than this moment right now.

“Why are you smiling at me like that?”

The grin in question widens even more, especially with Scout’s smiling back at me over her shoulder.

She’s standing in front of the mirror as she slides a pair of gold hoops through her ears. It’s all she’s wearing. The earrings, I mean.

She’s naked, and I fucking love it.

In the time we’ve been together, she’s grown so much more confident being undressed around me, and it’s the biggest damn turn-on ever.

The urge to get out of bed and wrap my arms around her is strong, but I also like watching her. I like how she’s not afraid of her belly jiggling or her stretch marks on display. She doesn’t care about how her stomach folds every time she bends or how her tits hang lower than she’d like.

She’s fucking gorgeous.

And she’s all mine.


Her brow lifts. “Because why?”

“Because I really want to fuck you right now.”


“What?” I lift a shoulder. “It’s true.”

“I’m sure it is, but we’re running late. In fact, you shouldn’t even still be in bed right now. We need to get going, or we’ll be late for Macie’s game. I’m not sure I want to face that wrath.”

She’s right that I shouldn’t still be in this bed right now, though not for the reason she thinks.

I swing the blanket off me and rise from the bed. Instead of heading for the bathroom to shower and get ready like I know I really need to, I stalk toward what I really want—Scout.

Her eyes widen when she realizes this, and she backs up, but it’s pointless. She has nowhere to go.

She’s shaking her head at me, but all I can do is grin.

“Miller… We’re late.”

“So, then we can be later.”


“Yes,” I say, gripping her hips and hauling her to me.

She sighs the second her body presses against mine, and being that I’m only in my boxer briefs, there’s no hiding the reaction my cock is having to our proximity.

I don’t bother wasting a single second capturing her mouth with mine. I kiss her hard and fast and sweet and slow until she’s melting into me and I’m melting into her. It’s too much and not enough all at the same time.

“Miller…” she groans against me as I bury my face into her neck, kissing and nipping at her as my hands roam over her body, touching every inch. “We’re going to be—”

“Late, I know. You said that already. I just don’t care. And when I bury my face between your thighs until you’re screaming my name and cumming on my tongue, I don’t think you’ll care much, either.”

I feel her knees buckle and catch her effortlessly. I spin her around, backing her toward our bed, gently shoving at her shoulders until she’s seated right on the edge.

Then, I drop to my knees, and I devour her.

She sighs when my tongue sweeps over her. Groans when I bury it inside. Cries out when I suck her clit into my mouth.

She doesn’t stop rocking against me or making the sweetest fucking sounds I’ve ever heard until her thighs are shaking around my head.

“Grady, Grady, Grady,” she chants, gripping my hair and holding me to her as she comes apart on my tongue.

She tastes like fucking heaven, and if I died right now, it would be the sweetest death.

When her shivers subside and her grip on my hair loosens, I give her one last kiss before pulling away. I sit back on my haunches with a grin, loving how out of breath she is and the shine coating her skin.

I did that.

“Stop gloating,” she says, swatting at me, though there’s no malice behind it. She couldn’t move right now if she really wanted to.

“I’m not gloating.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Fine. I am. But it’s warranted.”

“That so?”

I lift a brow, and she laughs.

“Fine. It’s warranted,” she concedes. She peers down at my cock that is aching so fucking bad that I’m legit afraid it’s about to fall off. “Can I help you with that?”

“Nope,” I tell her, rising to my feet.

“No? Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. Besides, we’re late, remember?”

“Well, yeah, but I don’t want to leave you…unsatisfied.”

I laugh. “Oh, Scout. You have no idea how much I love eating your pussy, do you?” Her eyes widen when I place my hands on either side of her, caging her in. “Because I do. I love the way you taste. The way you ride my tongue. I love the sounds you make and how those soft-as-fucking-butter thighs feel around my head. So, trust me, I am more than satisfied right now.”

Her mouth is dropped open, and her chest is heaving nearly as hard as it was when I was between her legs, but she’s not saying anything. She’s just looking up at me with wide, surprised eyes.

Then finally, her lips move, and she whispers something quietly.

“What was that?” I ask.

“I said, how the hell did I get so lucky?”

“I’d argue that I’m the lucky one.”

She throws her head back with a groan. “Stop it. Stop being so perfect.”

“What? I’m just being honest.”

“I know, and that’s the part that’s blowing my mind right now. I’m just still not used to…well, this. I’ve never been loved the way you love me.”

“And how’s that?”

“Wholly and unabashedly. I feel so damn lucky to have you. I finally feel like the main character.”

“You’re the main character in my life. Hell, you’re my whole damn world.”

I press a kiss on her head. “No, go get dressed. We’re going to be late.”

“That’s what I told you!” she says, shoving at me lightly until I finally let her up.

“Yeah, but aren’t you glad I didn’t listen?” I pull her to her feet, where she rests her forehead against mine with a sigh.

“So glad. I love you, Grady.”

“I love you more, Scout.”

I lied before.

This is the moment I’ve never been happier.

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