My First Book Signing

Last week’s blog was dedicated to the Here’s to Now cover reveal (my favorite of the series, by the way) so I didn’t get a chance to talk about the very first signing I attended as an author: Boise Book Fest.

Initial Thoughts:
Omg. Holy shit. MY FIRST SIGNING.

The day we left for Boise we had to be up at 3am and on the road by 3:30. After a two hour drive where I had to drive (and I am HORRIBLE at driving in the dark) because the Marine broke his glasses the night before, we finally made it to the Raleigh-Durham airport with about ten minutes to spare. We skidded into our seats and settled down for a five hour flight. Cool. Time to read.

We land in SanFran. We get delayed. Then we get delayed again. And again. Our flight was supposed to leave at 10:40am. It didn’t leave until after 3pm. I was beyond done with airports at this point but I wasn’t going to let it get to me. I had a fun dinner planned with my friends ahead.

Thoughts Once I Arrived in Boise:
I smell like airport. Oh crap! I need to set up my table!

The rest of the night was full of fun and laughter and so many great memories. I had dinner with Sara Ney, Shirl Rickman, Kristann Monaghan, BFF, Andee Michelle, Andrea Johnston (my lovely tablemate), Cathlin Shahriary, and M.E. Carter. I love my book people, especially my #soulmate. We had dinner at some amazing restaurant that started with a B that I can’t pronounce but the food was GREAT. The portions were insanely huge and worth every penny. I’d recommend it but I can’t remember the dang name! OH! I also rode in my very first Uber and didn’t die.

Thoughts on Signing Day:
Omg. Holy shit. MY FIRST SIGNING. I need coffee. And food. CRAP. I have to people. I’m horrible people-ing. Whatever. I got this shit.

The siging? Awesome! I had so much fun! I got A TON of compliments on my covers and even chatted with Rachel Van Dyken (eeeppp…she is AMAZING) some. The readers who stopped by my table were so nice and encouraging. AND, I sold books! (I really went into it with some low expectations because, hey, newbie here.) I even got to meet a wonderful reader, Amanda, who is a part of Teagan’s Tidbits, my reader group.

The Marine had a blast too. This was his first book related event and he had no idea what to expect. I warned him that my friends could be a little overwhelming but he wasn’t too worried about it. He fell in love with #soulmate and her BFF instantly and I’m fairly certain we’ll be making a trip to Arizona soon to visit them.

Priya, the lovely woman who put together and hosted this event, did SUCH a fantatsic job! I would love to be able to attend another one of her events in the future.

I’m sure you’re wondering where all my pictures are because everyone takes pics at signings. Yeah? Not me. I’m HORRIBLE at them. Also, I’m a very “in the moment” type of person and hardly ever take photos. But, I just trolled the Boise Book Fest website and found this gem of me and my Marine. (Sorry you have to see this. I’m so awkward in photos.)

He’s such a cutie!

That’s all I have. The event was a blast, and I can’t wait for my next one.

I’m getting ready to send Here’s to Now off for formatting and then the release is less than 3 weeks away. Eeekk! In the meantime, I’m working on that untitled novella I told you about a couple weeks ago. And yes, I’m still loving it.

P.S. Excited for Here’s to Now? Pre-order it on Amazon today!

❤ TH

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