GLOVE SAVE – Bonus Scene


The following bonus scene is NSFW.


“Whose pussy is this?”


“Say it again.”

“It’s yours.”

“What’s mine?”

“My pussy. My pussy is yours.”

“You’re fucking right it is, wife.”


I sigh when the last word leaves his lips, then again when he laces his fingers with mine, his thumb tracing over the ring on my finger.

I’m married for the second time but married for the first time to someone I truly love.

And I do love Greer. So damn much.

Not just because he’s currently railing me so hard that I see stars but because of how incredible he is all around.

We’ve only been married two weeks, but he’s an amazing husband and an even better father to Macie.

I can’t imagine how life could get any better than this.

“Yeah?” he says, and I realize I’ve just spoken those last words out loud. “Just wait until I fuck your tight little ass with one of those toys we bought while I bury my cock inside of this cunt later tonight.”

Oh god.

I shiver in anticipation of it.

Greer slips his hands between us, his fingers finding my clit. He rubs short circles on it while he fucks into me, and it doesn’t take me long to combust around him.

“Fucking hell,” he mutters as he follows me into oblivion.

He captures my mouth, kissing me hard and rough, promising me more is to come. I hate it when he slides out of me and rolls to the side, trying to catch his breath as I rest my head on his chest.

We’re on the last day of our honeymoon, and while I don’t want to leave Greece just yet, I want to get back to North Carolina and see my daughter. We’ve never been apart for this long, and I miss her fiercely.

“I can’t wait to get back home,” he says quietly after several moments of us lying there.

“I was just thinking the same thing.”

“I miss Macie.”

“I miss her more.”

He laughs. “Yeah, probably. She did call me Jackass at the wedding, so I have some beef with her.”

“She said it affectionately.” I run my fingers through the soft fluff of hair on his chest. “She also called you dad.”

I don’t miss the stutter to his breath. “Yeah. She did do that.”

I sit up a bit, wanting to look at him. “Does it freak you out?”

“Is it crazy if I say no?”

“Not at all.”

“Then, no. It doesn’t freak me out. I thought it might, but it doesn’t. It feels…”


“Yes.” He nods. “So right.”

I sigh, then rest my head back against him. “I know what you mean.”

“We’re going to have a really good life together, Steve.”

“But it won’t be a long life together if you keep calling me Steve.”

“What? You love that nickname.”

“I really don’t.”

“Would you like to pick a new one? How about Fluffy Butt? Or Snuggle Bunny?” He snaps his fingers together. “I got it—Sweetcheeks McLovely Buns.”

“You know what? I think Steve is fine.”

“Nah. It’s too boring now. I think Sweetcheeks McLovely Buns has a nice ring to it.”

“I will push you off the balcony, Greer.”

He laughs. “No you won’t.”

“I will, too. I’ll toss you right over.”

“But if you throw me off the balcony…” He drags his hand down my back, not stopping until he’s cupping my ass in a harsh grip. “Who is going to fuck this beautiful, beautiful ass of yours, Sweetcheeks McLovely Buns?”

“I hate you.”

“You don’t,” he says, rolling over until I’m on my back once again, and he fits himself between my legs. “You love me. You even promised to do so forever.”

“I was drunk.”

“Liar.” He presses a soft kiss to my jaw. “You were sober.”

“I was drugged.”

Another kiss, this time closer to my lips. “As if I had to drug you. You were a willing participant.”

“Well, then I—”

“Am completely full shit.”

Then he kisses me, and it’s that same desperate kiss he always gives me. That same passion and heat and so full of promises that I can’t wait for him to keep.

He kisses me like I’m his, and that’s just what I am.

“Say it,” he commands like he can read my mind.

“I’m yours,” I whisper against his lips.

“Yes, yes you are…Steve.”

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