“Fuck, baby. I wish you could see yourself right now.” I press my thumb against the metal of the plug that’s fit snuggly inside Rory’s ass. “Can’t wait to see this beautiful hole stretched around my cock.”

“You won’t if you don’t hurry up,” my girl says.

“So impatient,” I murmur.

Her backtalk quickly turns to moans when I tap the metal once again.

“Holy fuck.” She groans loudly. “I can feel that everywhere. Please, Lucas. Fuck me already.”

I chuckle darkly, loving how vulnerable she is just a little too much.

It’s not often I have the upper hand when it comes to Rory, but right now, with her ass in the air and a plug deep inside of her? I have the advantage.

She is entirely at my mercy, and I fucking love it.

If the way she’s wiggling back toward me is any indication, she loves it too.


I lift my hand and land a hard blow to one of her cheeks.

She lets out a loud cry, but there’s no pain in it. It’s pure pleasure.

“What’d I tell you?”

“Lucas,” she amends. “It’s Lucas when you’re inside me. But you’re not inside me. You’re—”

I use her distraction to my benefit and begin pulling the plug out.

She whimpers with need as I tug the metal free inch by inch. When it’s finally loose, I don’t waste a second, pressing my already lubed cock against her hole. The swollen head slips in with ease, and we both sigh.

With how my cock is sliding into her with such little resistance, I’d say she’s perfectly prepared.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she chants as I watch her ass swallow my cock. Our silky gray sheets are fisted into her hands, and she’s taking deep breaths, but she’s doing good.

“That’s it, baby,” I tell her softly, massaging her cheeks that are red from my palms. “You’re doing so fucking good. This ass was made for my cock, Rory. You feel incredible.”

It’s almost too good. I’m about five seconds away from spilling my load inside of her and have to do everything I can to not. We’ve been working toward this for too long, and there is no way it will be over in mere minutes because I can’t control myself.

The last thing I expected tonight when I got home from losing our second game in a row was to find Rory bent over the kitchen counter wearing nothing but my jersey and the plug.

I didn’t even bother taking off my shoes. I simply dropped to my knees behind her and showed her with my tongue how much I appreciated her, licking her cunt and her ass until she was begging for more. It was only then that I carried her to the bedroom, set her on the bed on all fours, and undressed so I could properly worship her.

That was half an hour ago.

Thirty minutes of pure fucking torture.

Now this on top of it? Her asshole squeezing my cock so fucking tight I think my dick could break off? Her moans filling the room? Her pleas and her eagerness?

If I were to blow my load right now, I’d say I have a good reason to.

“Is there more?”

Is there more? Is she serious?

“I’m halfway in.”

“Oh, god. I can’t, Lucas. I can’t. I—”

I press into her again, and she lets out a loud groan when I bottom out inside of her ass.


It might be twelve words, but it comes out as one, and I don’t blame her one bit. I’m having a hard time keeping it together myself.



“Are you okay?”

Yes.” The single word isn’t said…it’s breathed, like she can barely remember how to push air out of her lungs.

“Talk to me,” I instruct. “I need to know if this is okay.”

“Okay? Okay?” She groans loudly. “God, Lucas, I’ve never felt so fucking full before. This is more than okay.”

I grin. “Yeah?”

“Yes. Now, stop smirking at your accomplishments and fuck me.”

I laugh, loving that even when she’s completely exposed like this, she’s still Rory.

“Oh my god, I can feel that too.” She lets out a soft whine. “Move, Lawson. Please.”

Unable to deny her or myself any longer, I heed her pleas and rock into her.

She’s tight and slick and so, so, so fucking magnificent as I pick up my pace, her soft moans letting me know she’s enjoying this as much as I am.

“So beautiful.” I rut into her. “So tight. So fucking good. So… mine.” She releases a soft cry, and I smack at her ass once more. “Say it, Rory. Tell me.”

“Yours, Lucas. This pussy is yours. This ass is yours. I’m yours.”

“You’re fucking right you are,” I growl, slamming into her.

And she lets me, bucking against me like she can’t get enough as I work her over, using her and loving every second of it.

“Please…” she begs softly, and I know what she’s getting at.

She’s close, and so am I. Hell, I’ve been close. But now my legs are shaking, and sweat is sliding down my back. I’m holding back so much it’s almost starting to hurt.

I need to come soon.

“Touch your cunt, baby. Get there with me because I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to hold on.”

I don’t even get the whole sentence out before her hand is between her legs and she’s rubbing hurried circles over her clit.

Her teeth sink into her bottom lip, her head thrown back as she fingers herself, and I pound into her.

She’s never been more beautiful, and that’s saying something because I think Rory is always beautiful, even when she wakes with messy hair and drool dried to her face and morning breath that smells like she’s been sucking on cheese all night long. She’s still stunning even then.

It takes only five more strokes for us both before she’s clenching around me, her orgasm rocking through her, and the moment her ass squeezes me, I’m done for, spilling into the condom in a way I never have before.


It’s the only word I can think of to describe the moment.

Just utter fucking euphoria.

Rory slumps forward, her breathing labored and her legs shaky as I slowly pull out of her. She winces, and so do I because I hate the idea of hurting her, but when I’m fully out, I don’t miss the way she pushes back like she’s already seeking me out again.

I leave the bed just long enough to dispose of the condom and set the plug in the bathroom so we can clean it later, then grab a wet washcloth for my girl.

When I return to the bed, I slide it over her backside, cleaning up the mess we’ve made, then toss it aside before wrapping her in my arms and tugging her close.

I kiss the back of her neck over and over as I run my hand over every inch of her that I can reach. She hums softly, loving the closeness.

I don’t know how long we stay like that before she rolls over, facing me.

“Hi,” I say once she’s settled.

She giggles. “Hi.”

I kiss her nose because I can’t help myself. “How was your night?”

“Oh, you mean, how was it getting fucked in the ass? Splendid.”

I laugh, shaking my head because of course she would be so direct. “You’re something else, Wednesday.”

“So I’ve heard.” She rolls her eyes, then winces as she shifts around.

I frown. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just a little sore, is all.”


“Ass? No. Well, at least not the part you think it is.”

“The spankings?”

She nods. “But I like them, so don’t you dare stop.” She narrows her eyes on me, yet there’s no playfulness behind the gesture. She means it.

“Yes, ma’am,” I tell her, leaning forward to give the tip of her nose another small kiss. “Spankings are staying.”

“And the anal. I liked that too.”

I laugh. “Noted. Butt stuff is strictly on the table, then.”

“Hmm,” she hums, letting her eyes drift shut, almost like she can’t help it.

That’s how we stay for far too long—Rory’s eyes closed and me watching her.

“It’s creepy when you watch me sleep.”

“I don’t do it that often,” I argue.

She peels her eyes open. “Liar.”

I don’t even bother countering with a response. We both know it’s pointless because we both know I do watch her often.

Can I be blamed when the moonlight is casting such shadows over her? When she looks so gorgeous? So content? It’s impossible not to watch her.

Just like it’s impossible not to love her.

It’s been just under a year since that fateful Christmas Eve when I found Daisy, and not a moment has passed when I haven’t thanked whatever entity I need to for the gift of stepping into Rory’s clinic.

Not just because she lets me do all the dirty, dirty things to her I want.

No. It’s far more than that.

It’s her. The way she laughs. The way she smiles. The way she rolls her eyes at me and the way she isn’t afraid to call me out on whatever bullshit I’m spewing.

The way she loves.

Because for someone who was so scared to admit she loved me, she loves hard. Fiercely. And she doesn’t let a day go by where she doesn’t remind me of it, either.

“Are you going to sleep?”

“Hmm,” she answers again, snuggling deeper against the pillow.

Oh, yeah, she’s about out for sure.

I lean over, pressing my lips to hers, and despite how tired she clearly is, she kisses me back, even whining when I pull away.

I chuckle against her. “Good night, Rory.”

“Night, Lucas. Thank you.”

“For anal?”

She smiles. “And for loving me.”

“It’s easy. It’s me who should be thanking you for loving me.”

She wrinkles her nose, her eyes closing once more. “Yeah, you really should. You’re pretty annoying.”

“You love it when I’m annoying.”

“I do,” she mumbles, nearly asleep already. “I really, really do. Just…don’t tell anyone. Feelings are gross.”

I laugh. “Your secret is safe with me, Wednesday.”

Then her soft snores fill the room, and I fall asleep with a smile, something that’s becoming a regular occurrence.

And it’s all because of Rory.

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