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💋 Single Mom
💋 Slow Burn
💋 Low Angst
💋 Temporary Roommates

Don’t fall for your roommate…especially when it’s only temporary.

Nolan Brooks is off limits.
Sure, he’s insanely attractive and funny and I might have almost gone home with him one night to relieve a little stress.
Big deal.

It was all just a momentary lapse in judgment…just like the kiss we shared.

He’s my temporary roommate while I wait for my new apartment to be ready. That’s it.
He’s doesn’t do relationships, and he doesn’t do attachments.

So what if I have a crush on him? We’ll only be there for two months.
Surely I can survive that long.


“’Sup, shithead?”

“Hey, Nolan.”

They clash their knuckles together, then Nolan turns back around, puts the car in drive, and starts down the road.

“Did you just call my son a shithead?”

“Yep.” He says it so matter-of-factly, and I grin, loving how he doesn’t back down even though I am definitely giving him my best mom stare right now.

“And why is he a shithead?”

“Because when Dean nailed me in the nuts with the football, your son laughed for ten minutes straight, then proceeded to make fun of me because I allegedly cried.”

I lift a brow. “Well, did you?”

“Hell yes I cried! Have you ever been sacked in the nuts with a football flying through the air at like forty miles per hour?”

I snicker. “Can’t say I have.”

“Exactly, so pipe down over there, no-nuts.”

“Yeah, Mom,” Sam says, “if you don’t have nuts, you don’t get a say.”

“Can we leave my nonexistent nuts out of this?” I glance between the two of them. “I’m feeling very ganged up on right now.”

They shrug in unison, and I grin.

“Nolan, do you play video games?”

“I’m really good at Mario Kart,” he answers.

Sam grins. “We’ll get along just fine then.”

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