Are you a sports romance lover? A hockey fan? Then I have the book for you! PUCK SHY is live and available in Kindle Unlimited! 🔥 Slow Burn w/ steamy times📱 Online Romance🤣 Witty Banter🏒 Hockey Hotness I’m having the definition of a bad year. Game Six loss costing my team the Cup? Check.Getting arrested and ruining my image? Check.Almost getting run over …

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Tempt Thy Neighbor is LIVE & FREE with KU!

Looking for a fun office romance romcom?Tempt Thy Neighbor is LIVE! 💋 Office Enemies 💋 Slow Burn 💋 Second Chances 💋 Low Angst 💋 Roommates Don’t fall for your coworker…especially when he’s your roommate.Sutton Barnes thinks he’s Prince Charming, but he’s really the Prince of Hell.He’s egotistical. A user. A complete douchecanoe.And unfortunately now my coworker. Did I mention he’s …

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Crave Thy Neighbor is LIVE & FREE with KU!

Looking for a light, fun, single mom romcom? Crave Thy Neighbor is LIVE! 💋 Single Mom💋 Slow Burn💋 Low Angst💋 Temporary Roommates Don’t fall for your roommate…especially when it’s only temporary. Nolan Brooks is off limits.Sure, he’s insanely attractive and funny and I might have almost gone home with him one night to relieve a little stress.Big deal. It was …

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Love Thy Neighbor is LIVE & FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

If you need a light and fun romcom that’s steamy, then LOVE THY NEIGHBOR is for you! 💋 Best Friends-to-Lovers💋 Roommates (obviously)💋 STEAM galore💋 Shy heroine & just cocky enough hero💋 Loads of witty banter💋 LIGHT ANGST Don’t fall for your roommate…especially when he’s your best friend. Cooper Bennett is my best friend.That’s all he is and all he ever …

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Loathe Thy Neighbor is LIVE!

TEASER: “I’m sorry, were you saying something, River?” Like they’re hooked up to his voice, they tighten even more, and I clutch my notebook like it’s my lifeline, covering the evidence. Big mistake because the friction is apparently just what I need, and I nearly let out a moan. Holy hell am I sex-deprived, getting turned on by a fucking …

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